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Store all your electronic documents in a 'sensitive' or 'standard' folder competely under your control

The process is actually simpler than the normal updating records on the WDM System. It involves scanning the documents to any folder, opening the Excel spreadsheet on a PC that can connect to the internet, select the destination location (your document repository), select client or staff, the person, the certificate, the date and (optionally) the expiry date. Press the ‘Move’ button and the document will be renamed and moved to the document repository and automatically update the WDM System with the new entry. If there is already a record in the WDM it will just attach the document link to that entry.

Retrieval is even easier, using the WDM System in exactly the same way as you would to record certificate dates, there a column next to the recorded date of a certificate. If this has a tick against it, you can click on the tick, open a new tab on your browser or the File explorer, paste the link into it and view the file.

A few key benefits recognised by customers are:

  • Both the storage and retrieval process is very simple.
  • The document does not leave the site, it is only a link that can be opened by someone logged into your network.
  • The WDM System can age documents. Documents that have past their expiry date will be present but greyed out.
  • If using the Certificates > Manage option, the WDM System will show you  the document you haven’t got, as well as the ones you have.