About WDM Systems


WDM Systems is a dynamic group of IT professionals that have been developing training management software for enterprises,  large  and small  for over 10 years.

We have simplified and distilled the requirements of both large and small organisations to identify what is really needed in order to keep on top of training compliance and have developed a training monitoring application, which can be used at a number of different levels depending on the requirements of the organisation.

WDM Systems is committed to helping organisations with their training compliance needs. Whether it is ensuring that a care giver holds a valid MOT certificate or the correct car insurance, or they are up to date with their medication training, first aid or CRB our system can hold the relevant details to ensure that the organisation and the care giver is informed in time to get these renewed.

We undertand that oirganisations have different needs and as a result have developed a two-tier system that allows organisation with simple requirements to use the entry level system and orgainisations with more complexity can use the advanced level system.

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