We have created a series of video tutorial simulations to show how to use the WDM system. Each short video is about 5 minutes

and demonstrates a few key features of the system. Please click below to see a detailed overview of each of the videos.

Guide to the WDM Systems -Video Tutorial

The tutorials are listed in the table below:

Video1 Create Certificates & Standard Requirements pack Three certificates (CIS, DBS, Manual Handling) and a requirements pack (Carer pack) are created. The certificates are added to the Carer pack.
Video2 Create Person & allocate training Create a person, allocate to them a standard requirements pack and enter dates for completed and planned training.
Video3 Renewals Due An overview of how to use the Renewals Due most effectively. Identify when training is due and how to complete and plan the required training.
Video4 Create Administrator Account Create a standard administrator and create a boss / super administrator
Video5 Create Planning Requirement Create a client, create activities (Call and Visit), create planning Requirement. Assign the sequence of activities to be performed in order and at specific times to the planning requirement. The planning requirement is then allocated to the client.
Video6 Document Manager
Upload a scanned document to WDM System using an WDM Document Manager Excel Workbook 


Please note that the videos will run using Inernet Explorer (IE). if you are using other browsers the sofware for Windows

Media Player must be installed and your computer must have a sound card.

Each video will  start with a blank screen and may take between 10 - 20 seconds to load. For best effect maximise the screen

to full window and ensure the volume is turned to maximum.