What is the WDM System?

The WDM System is a tool for managing the training needs of organisations.


It is composed of integrated modules. It can be used simply to track an individual’s training achievements or to provide full training programmes of skills and competencies,  tailored to the needs of groups or individuals with specific requirements.


There are 5 modules which may be used by the organisation.

The simplest configuration for minimum functionality is

  • Staff & Management module 
  • Training & Qualifications module

These two modules represent the person and their training. They allow the organisation to record the progress and completion of an individual’s qualifications and training.


The other 3 modules give the organisation more control using advanced features:

  • If training authorisation by line managers is required then the ‘Posts & Positions’ module must be set up for the staff and managers involved.
  • If staff are required to complete a defined programme of training then the ‘Training Requirements’ module must be set up for those staff or roles.
  • If  a more in depth and subjective training schedule is required then the ‘Skills & Competency Framework’ module must be used  in conjunction with the ‘Training Requirements’ section.