Entry Level System

The entry level system includes all features necessary to track and monitor training qualifications and certificates.

Business administrator activities

Create and maintain:-

·   Teams / Departments

·   Personnel

·   Training courses, qualifications and certificates

·   Hierarchical structure charts for positions within organisations, (if required)

·   Authorisation units contain managers who can authorise bookings and verify qualifications.

·   Assigning line managers from organisation posts.

·   Assigning authorisation managers from personnel.

·   Assigning course training administrators (trainers) from personnel.

.   Export all data details to spreadsheets


Staff that have recently joined the organisation often have more intensive training requirements than those that have been with the organisation longer. This may include induction or basic training. To identify the newer starters a symbol is put after their name.

.   An asterisk (*) against their name for starters within 3 months.

.   A plus (+) against their name for starters within 9 months.

.   No symbol is shown agianst staff who have been with the company for more than 9 months.


If the feature is enabled, the business administrator can also proxy login as a manager, trainer or individual and view and confirm / approve  their training records and certificates.