Who would use the WDM system?

Any organisation from very large enterprise, that contains a group of companies or a hospital region comprising of many hospitals with multiple departments, thousands of employees with multiple internal and external training needs, to a small care home or home care organisation with a few employees and only one training need.


High Cost, Function & Maintenance

Large software development organisations can deliver high cost, high function, and high maintenance solutions. They require vast expertise and knowledge just to implement the application, even before the user’s requirements are considered and they require an army of your personnel to support and ensure the system integrity.

Low Cost, Function & Maintenance

Smaller software development organisations don’t usually have the expertise to deliver high function, high quality systems. So they offer reduced function with reduced maintenance solutions at a low cost. This is adequate for most businesses.


What we offer

The WDM solution offers high functionality to any size of organisation without the need for a huge maintenance team. An organisation will use as many functions as it requires, which may change as its environment changes through different economic climates.

The application is intended for use in organisations that require a high degree of compliance. However, it could even be used as a high level personal organiser for an individual or a family to show when bills are due, events take place or car documents need renewal.